The Band

Jim Wisniewski
Jim handles guitar, vocals, and songwriting for the band. Among his main musical influences are John Lee Hooker, Chester Burnett, and Brint Anderson.

Bob Porter
Bob has been singing and playing guitar for over 20 years. He has loved the blues ever since he heard "The Best of Jimmy Reed" in the 8 track car stereo of his father's pink Cadillac when he was a child.

Dale Boschke
Dale provides the bluesy “harp” accompaniment that drives the down home sound required by a blues combo. His first harmonica was given to him by his wife as a “gag” gift about 20 years ago…she now wishes it was a pair of argyle sox, which would have long since been worn out and forgotten. Musical favorites include Springsteen, Clapton & Mellencamp. Local favorites are Jim Liban & Steve Cohen.

Tom Steele
Tom has been laying it down on the bass for 20+ years. He first heard the blues in the late 60's: James Cotton Blues Band, John Mayall, Yardbirds, early Zepplin. He played the blues in clubs when the drinking age was 18! He's played Top 40, Disco, Rock, and Country.

Dave Zabler "Z"
Dave is the newest member of the band. He has been playing drums since age 6, and began gigging at age 15. He's played all styles of music from Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Latin and Polka. Feel free to just call him "Z".

"JT" (Julie Thompson) often guests with the band on vocals. She toured in a troop for 10 years with a singer/songwriter on the East Coast, sings for churches, performs in a folk trio, and just released a jazz CD. http://